Campus Ambassador Program

Campus Ambassador Program

IPJugaads campus ambassador program is focused towards revolutionising the way we approach university courses and help you succeed and become the best versions of yourselves!

As a Campus ambassador, you will be the face of IPJugaad at your campus showing everyone the way to thrive during college while helping you attain better grades, master the art of professional networking and social media marketing and making sure that you get a step closer to being financially independent!

Why do we have a campus ambassador program?

The Campus Ambassador program of IPJugaad is designed to increase the presence of the firm at various universities around India and to increase the educational content and services it can provide to its consumers by creating a network between the firm, students and the university staff. 

Why should you apply? (Perks)

  • Leadership & Experience – You will be learning and performing the art of leadership & professionalism on a real life environment while being guided by industry professionals
  • Side Income – You will be able to generate recurring side income while working from home alongside college
  • Rewards – Do you best work and you can win amazing rewards ranging from 1 year of Netflix subscription to an Apple iPad
  • Certificate – You will get certificate for your work to be recognised
  • Pre-placement offer – We’re always looking out for great minds and passionate individuals to work with us. If that’s you, we’ll know.

What will you do?

  • As our representative, you will work as a bridge between IPJugaad and students
  • You will help us maintain company presence within your campus
  • You will help us stay updated and better equipped to help your fellow students
  • You will help us strengthen our campus ambassador network within the campus

Who should apply?

You should apply if your answer to all of these questions is yes:

  • Are you willing to get out of your comfort zone in order to grow?
  • Are you passionate about improving your leadership and marketing skills?
  • Do you love to network with people and build meaningful connections?
  • Do you believe the best way to learn is on the job (except for rocket scientists)?

Still reading? The dream awaits you!